Wisconsin Society for Clinical Laboratory Science



This award will be made on the basis of scholastic accomplishments, extra-curricular activities, written communication skills and character. Applicants must:

1. Be a resident of the State of Wisconsin.
2. Be enrolled in an accredited high school in Wisconsin.
3. Have completed the first half of the twelfth grade.
4. Show the results of at least one of the College Entrance Examination test scores – ACT, SAT, PSAT – on the transcript of grades.
5. Matriculate by September, after graduation at an accredited university in the State of Wisconsin with the MLS/CLS/MT curriculum. The following universities offer this major:
Carroll University, Waukesha
Marquette University, Milwaukee
UW-Stevens Point

Please note that students who plan on attending a 2 year UW Center for their initial course work before transferring to one of the universities listed above are also eligible, provided their undergraduate application or admission indicates that their intended major is MLS/CLS/MT.

6. Be enrolled in a degree program in Medical Technology/Clinical Laboratory Science/Medical Laboratory Science.
7. Submit application post-marked no later than midnight on March 31, 2021.
8. Briefly specify reasons for pursuing a career in MLS/CLS/MT.
9. Indicate the College or University at which the MLS/CLS/MT Program will be completed.

Additional notes:
• Announcement of the Award Winner will be made on or before May 31, 2021.
• The Scholarship will be paid to the Bursar, on behalf of the recipient (upon notice of matriculation from the university officials) at the rate of $500.00 per semester, for a total of four consecutive years, renewable as long as the recipient remains in the degree program and maintains grades satisfactory for graduation from the university and the MT/CLS/MLS program.
• Students pursuing careers in related medical or scientific fields such as bacteriology, biology, biotechnology, molecular biology, nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy, radiology are NOT ELIGIBLE for these awards.

Want more Information? For more information on career opportunities as a medical laboratory scientist/clinical laboratory scientist/medical technologist, please refer to Websites below:


You may also contact your high school guidance counselor or the WISCLS Scholarship Fund, Inc. Secretary.

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